CTPT has been providing athletes with the valuable tools needed to improve their speed and agility for over fourteen (14) years in the Cincinnati area.  CTPT attempts to inspire each athlete to give 100% effort every time.  CTPT provides a fun atmosphere where the athletes of all ages seem to enjoy.  CTPT program has been known to enhance athletes:

•Running technique/mechanics

•Lateral speed

•Multi-directional speed

•Linear speed


•First step quickness

•Speed & agility

•Self esteem & confidence

CTPT will treat every athlete the same no matter the skill level. The athlete will perform drills geared towards developing speed, quickness and agility.  CTPT’s main focus will be on the athletes’ running technique/mechanics and body posture.  This will allow the athlete to progress in years to come.  By allowing your athlete to participate in the CTPT program you as a parent are taking a big step in preventing injuries to your athlete as well.  When the athlete performs these drills it will work the muscles that the athlete may not work on a consistent basis; this will allow the athlete to develop those small muscle fibers underneath the large muscles. We all love to prevent injuries in our young athletes and this program will be the start of that.